Introducing a breakthrough in baby weaning

The Itsy Blitz® is the only portable, rechargeable and convenient weaning food blender on the market.

Designed to make weaning work for you.

Check out the benefits below


A real parenting challenge

Through experience of our own weaning journey (read our story), we’ve designed the Itsy Blitz® to help provide that healthy, homemade meal, wherever the day takes you!

No more reaching around the back of the cupboard for that blender. No nipping to the shop at 11pm. No special restaurant requests. Just honest, pureed food that baby will love. Anytime. Anywhere.
No more jars for baby. No more additives, sat fats, salt or sugar. With our Itsy Blitz®, you’re in control of exactly what baby’s eating.

We believe a baby needs fresh, healthy food whenever they need it. Use the Itsy Blitz® here, there and everywhere!


The cost of ingredients is pennies compared to pre-prepared jars & sachets from the big brands.

So go on save a few quid, I dare you!

This product is fantastic, I wish it were available when my two were weaning!

Laura (Mum to Freya, 3 & Isla, 7 months)

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Make weaning work for you.

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