Our Story

Solving a real world problem

Itsy was founded in 2015 (originally as “Nuripod”) by a new father wanting a convenient way to feed his new daughter on the go.

Let’s call him Chris.. Because that’s his name.

You might think that becoming a father for the first time would make someone a lot less likely to take life-changing risks.  But Chris didn’t see it that way.

In fact, having new daughter Frankie around was the inspiration to do something more.

And the idea for the Itsy Blitz® was born.

Creating a food legacy

But what do we mean be a “food legacy”?

Well, our founder grew up eating meals around the family dining table, and the entire idea around the building of a food legacy stems from this simple idea.
Sharing eating experiences, and leading by example by eating healthy, homemade and varied food underpins a child’s overall health.  This not only ensures a healthy physical condition, but also a healthy mental condition.
The core idea behind our flagship product, the Itsy Blitz®, is that if you make healthy choices, they will naturally filter down to our children.

Our Mission

We want to help parents & caregivers with the food challenges facing them with young children.

We want to help families build a food legacy that will be a foundation for good health for generations to come.

We want to be a trusted friend, one that you turn to for help and advice during the milk and weaning stages and beyond.

We want to be known as the only truly supportive company for baby & child nutrition.

We want to do our bit to chip away at the worldwide childhood obesity crisis, one family at a time.

The future of baby nutrition

Here at Itsy, we want to develop more products and innovations that help build food legacies and promote healthy dietary habits to our children from birth.

Our Itsy Blitz® currently caters for the weaning stage (typically between 4-14 months) of a little one’s life, but the Itsy founders will be working on new products that will support our mission for children from 0-5 years old.

We’d love you to come along with us for the ride and the best way is to join our online community and share your own tip, advice and (always) invaluable experiences!

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